Topo Maps Privacy Policy


We do not include any third party (Facebook, Google) SDKs in our app. We do not require any personally identifiable information (PII) to use the app. If you choose to provide PII to use certain features, we will store it securely and we will not ever sell it. We use our own anonymous analytics to improve the app.


We want to make it clear how we use your data. We appreciate your trust and handle it carefully and sensibly. By using our services you accept our privacy policy.

What Do We Collect?

No personal data is required to use Topo Maps. You can use it without us ever knowing your name, email address, location, etc.

Your Rights

You can access or delete your personal information anytime by emailing us at [email protected].

International Transfers of Information

All data is currently stored in Germany and Finland. Your data will always remain inside the EU.

Future Changes

We can and likely will update our privacy policy in the future. Save this URL and visit it to always be aware of the policy you are agreeing to by using our services.

Last updated on 7th of January, 2020