Privacy Policy

Topo Maps is an application for iOS, watchOS, and macOS. It is available to download from Apple's App Store.

The data controller is Oliver Kulpakko.

What information do we collect?

The app contains a login feature, and when logged in, user account's basic information is stored.

Your email address is used for logging in, resetting password, sending important notifications, and responding to your emails. We will not use your email address for marketing.

If you are logged in, we also store your latest locations and bookmarks, to privide you features such as location sharing and bookmarks syncing.

We are also storing basic informations of every request the app makes to our servers, and the information may include your IP-address, request's url, request's information, request's time and date and some other information.

Bookmark Syncing

We store your bookmarks (points and routes) on our servers when you are logged in.

This allows us to show your bookmarks on all of your devices. It also gives some extra security, as accidentally deleted bookmarks are recoverable for a little while.

Location Sharing

We store your latest location on our servers, when you are logged in. We do not store historical location data. WHen your location changes, your previous location is automatically overwritten. If you haven't used the app for over two weeks, your location is also automatically removed.

The app contains a feature which allows you to share your location with another user of the app. Only users which you have specifically shared location to, will be able to see your location. You can revoke the permission at any time.

What are we doing with your information?

We use the information to provide you with features and to improve our services.

Do we share your information with third parties?

We do not share your information with third parties. We might give up information to public authorities (such as law enforcement) for data requests based on local law.

We use Google's Firebase to help us improve the app. Google will not get any personal, information, but only anonymous statistical information.

Is my information safe?

We use industry-standard security technologies to keep your data secure. All internet traffic between the app and our server is encrypted.

How long is my data stored?

We store your data only for as long as required.

Information type Storage Time
Location data 14 days
Deleted bookmarks 3 days
Login attempts 60 days
Server logs 7 days
Backups 30 days
Do we move information outside of EU?

We will not move your personal information outside of the EU.

Google Analytics might move non-personal, anonymous information to the United States.

Can I check my information or request its deletion?

You can request to check, edit, or delete your information by contacting us by email.

Third party links and contents

Our application might contain information from third parties, and they are served from their servers. They have their own, separate privacy policies, and we are not responsible for their contents or actions.

We use Google's Firebase to help us improve the app. Google will not get any personal, information, but only anonymous statistical information.

Changes to this policy

If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes on this page.

Last changed: Apr 26th, 2020.

Contact Information

You can contact us anytime if you have any questions about your information's usage.

Contact us by email: [email protected].