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Topo Maps

Topo Maps is a full-fledged map application for outdoor activities. Available for iOS and macOS.

Maps for over 15 countries

The app includes topographical maps to over 15 different countries, and there are also other maps available.

One-time purchase

The app does not contain any subscriptions, or extra features behind a paywall. Everything is included in the price.

Route recording and planning

Record routes and plan them in advance with the app’s easy-to-use route features.

We have topographic maps for over 15 countries, including:

  • USGS for the United States
  • NRCAN for Canada
  • NATMAP for Australia
  • LINZ for New Zealand
  • BKG for Germany
  • IGN for Spain
  • MML for Finland
  • Lantmäteriet for Sweden
  • Kartverket for Norway
  • Thunderforest (OSM) for Worldwide
  • And many more!

Advanced Route Planning & Recording

The route feature is very versatile, it allows you to:

  • Record routes
  • Plan routes in advance
  • Measure areas and distances
  • Import and export routes as GPX-files
  • Import workouts from Apple’s Health app´

Search & Input Coordinates

The app includes a search function that can search for addresses and places.

If you already have the coordinates, you can also input them directly.

A screenshot of the search function

Try out Topo Maps today!

Available on the App Store for $1.99.